Contact your senators today! Tell them to vote down the Iran Deal TODAY. Go to

Contact your district representatives today! Tell them to vote down the Iran Deal TODAY. Go to

To find out who represents you, go to

America wake up! We are so close to losing our liberty and freedoms. Tune in to John Hagee every Sunday on Daystar at 8:00 AM. He is so spot on in explaining what is happening in America today and how the Obama Administration is at the helm of this.



HEADS UP AMERICA - Obama is at it again!!! Be on the look out for a sur charge added to your bills listed as "ACA surcharge" or "Healthy CA". ACA stands for Affordable Care Act. This is a charge that is going to be added to your bill to pay for that companies employees health care coverage, paid for by you the consumer. Contact your Congress or Senate representative and tell them you will not be forced to pay for someone else's heathcare! Now more than ever we need to stay informed and make sure our voices are heard. United We Stand, Divided We Fall!


Illegal immigration has long been a threat to America's security and prosperity.  Arizona is still at the forefront of the battle to secure our borders.  While border security should be one of the few things that our federal government is involved in, the hands off nature of their actions have left individual states in positions where they most focus on combating intrusions by illegal aliens at the state level.  Check out  the following link to see what Arizona Governor Jan Brewer is doing to help save her state and our country from the constant flow of illegal aliens across our borders,


Wasteful spending is a hot topic. Capital Hill is spending millions of our hard earned tax dollars on pork without any debate or scrutiny. Ellen Miller of the nonpartisam Sunlight Foundation, a political watch dog group says "this is fundamentally undemocratic and the process stinks." If Capital Hill wants to restore Americans' trust in Washington, President Obama and Congress need to get serious about earmarks. Check out the following links to do more! GET LOCAL. Write to your legislators and let them know that you DO NOT SUPPORT PORK. Visit & for links to lawmakers. STAY INFORMED. There are several watchdog organizations, such as Citizens Against Government Waste and Taxpayers for Common Sense These links will keep you up-to-date and you can even report earmarks you find. Become an earmark expert. Visit http://www.earmarkwatch.orgThis link lets you create an account so you can do your own investigating.


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